beating the blues//working for yourself!

sometimes working for yourself sucks. it just has to be said. sometimes you feel really alone in whatever you're doing and you need to feel like there is someone else going through what you're going through. Sometimes there are a million unpaid invoices and you are owed so much money but you are currently poor and you just want to sign up for a 9-5 job like, right now. but then you check your mail and all of your money is there and you are so proud of yourself and you become inspired and your job is the best job in the world. you have to love what you do. 

whenever i'm feeling super uninspired or down about the state of my business i watch a lot of inspiring women's podcasts and webinars and feel like i'm not alone. listening to or watching other people's journeys really make me want to work harder and have even more of a success story.  my favorites to listen to are:

mariah @ femtrepreneur (an old friend from middle school who is the BOSSIEST most badass babe) seriously. being around her is so inspiring and because we now live in different states, her webinars and video courses have to suffice. but it's okay because they're pretty amazing.

hilary @ dean street society & melyssa @ the nectar collective & elsie @ a beautiful mess for tips, fun, struggle stories and general DIY productiveness. 

girlboss radio because sofia amoruso is such a rock star. i'm so glad that she has brought badass babes mainstream. her podcast is great and really makes you feel like the boss that you are. She really has created such an amazing world of business ladies and is just so damn cool. 

the thing to remember is why you do what you do. if you didn't love what you do then you wouldn't be doing it. you have to think about the days when you couldn't work for yourself. when you were struggling at whatever stupid job that you were miserable at. the days when all you wanted was one day to work for yourself. if you have the opportunity to work from home for your own business you are already at an advantage. remember that. you get to do this, so do it! BOOM!