How I Stay Organized & Productive Both On & Offline!

it takes a village of people, apps and organizational tools to do my job well every day. i use a multitude of apps on my computer to keep my life in order. all of these apps are free to use and keep everything well-oiled when working with other people. 

Asana for list making, team chats, calendars, etc. i always have 100 projects going on so the “projects” side bar really lets me see the different parts of my business and how they all work together. 

Google Docs for documents that i am working on with other people, for long term writing projects and posts that are written that i 

Google Sheets to keep my expenses, sales and other fun stuff on the same hard drive without having to make changes on both my laptop and my desktop. i also love Dropbox for the same reason. I work on a lot of things with teams of people and these things are essential to keep everyone on the same page. 

MailChimp is what i send all of my emails out on to my subscribers. It’s a great, inexpensive (can be free!) website that you can send newsletters, email marketing and even automated email sequences out on. 

Evernote is an amazing app for taking notes and making to do lists for monthly/weekly/everything, or if you're having a Skype meeting with someone and you need a place to jot down notes based off what they are saying. 

IRL i keep a white board in my studio for my team’s to-do’s if there are a lot of different big projects being worked on at the same time, which there usually is. This is handy for my seamstresses so that they know what they are sewing and how many of each (if it’s not a custom piece) they are making. i also keep stacks of cute notebooks, sticky notes & notepads scattered around my desk for any and everything i need to write down.

I live and die by my planner. I love my Planner so much. it’s cute, convenient and keeps me SO, SO organized. i bring it with me everywhere and find that if i write something down i remember it better and feel more organized than if i just put it in my google calendar. i used to use GCal and i didn’t like that i couldn’t write myself notes or make little comments about different things. i like being able to flip through what I'm working on. something about the tangible element really helps me!