on not working for someone else!

while i was in design school i always thought that i would work for someone else before starting my own thing. the end goal was always to have my name on the inside label and have everyone on the red carpet saying that they were wearing Julie Mollo. I was interning for my favorite design company while I was in design school and I was promised a job at graduation by the designer herself. she revoked her promise and i had to hear that from her new HR girl after applying for the position months after I was told it was already mine. after that experience i realized that if a company like that, with people who knew me personally, could crush me like that, i did not want to work for them. or any other company.

i wanted to make my own.

Many of my friends that graduated from the fashion design program got design jobs for various dream companies within their niche and were completely miserable. many of my friends lost their passion and magic and left the fashion industry soon after starting in it. it was so sad to see, but the stories that i heard from them inspired me to work harder for myself.  i was convinced that i could create a company full of bad ass chicks that wore sequins during the day and tulle tutus to concerts and just generally were full of ambition and buzz and sparkles and fun. i have always wanted to create a company full of people who loved coming in to work. I still have major goals in mind for the future and still want a big office full of girls who send emails all day in tutus but for now it is growing and on its way to becoming just that. i love the team that i have been putting together and can't wait to bring all of them on more permanently. i've been working with most of the same people for 6 years and love that i am able to do that.