stylists VS fashion designers

stylist vs fashion designers

So, a lot of people think that because they like to get dressed in the morning and they like picking out outfits for their friends on a Friday night and they love to read Vogue so they want to be a fashion designer. Then there are the people that work out technical designs and dream up extraordinary things and make them on dress forms and want to sew them up and obsess over different seam and hem detailing. Those are two very very different types of people. but they often will work together and end up in the same industry. one is a designer and one is a stylist. stylists are very, very important to a designer, and without designers, stylist would have no job, so together they have a great relationship. there are different kinds of design and styling jobs. stylists put designers clothes on celebrities and in magazines and in the right people's hands. 

some people like to use the words interchangeably, “my friend julie is a stylist” and then i have to say, “oh, actually I’m a designer” and they think, “same thing!” but it’s not. i’m not a stylist, i’ve been a stylist, i’ve styled shoots, i style my own look books, but i am not a stylist. stylists are like producers of looks. they use networks of many people to put together looks, call into designers and dream up a perfect piece or tell them what the client is going for. they choose 1000 pairs of shoes for every one look, they say how they want the hair, the jewels, the makeup and they put a team of options together for the client to put on. it’s a different world. 

the designers are the ones making the actual clothes. thinking up a dream and drawing an outfit and tailoring it to fit the client perfectly. they have to think about the way that the fabric works with the design of the garment and how the fabric will work on the customer. they need to think about a lot of technical aspects within the actual garment.

some designers have an idea of how they want their garment styled but 10 different stylists are going to pair the same garment with 10 different things. sometimes trusting people with the look of your design is scary but the right stylist can change a designer's life.