what i did in high school to prepare for my career

A lot of people reach out to me when they are still in high school, asking me what they should do to prepare for design school and letting me know how badly they want to be a fashion designer someday.

I was that 16 year old girl that wanted to get out of her high school and move to the city and think about nothing but fashion design for the rest of my life. 

while I was attending my very small, public high school with a one room art department and a home economics department that was only open because i basically wouldn't let it shut down (it ended as soon as i graduated) i had to look elsewhere for design education. I am from central massachusetts, outside of Worcester, MA. I looked through all of my options at anywhere that had anything to do with the arts. I started taking fashion design summer camp courses at the Worcester Art Museum. It's not a huge museum, but its resources were great. my teacher was amazing and i signed up for other classes with her during the school year. She knew that i wanted more from her and she gave me as many of her resources as she could. She was amazing. I looked into once a week classes at the Rhode Island School of Design during my junior year and on february vacation i took a week long intensive at Massachusetts College of Art (MASSart). I packed my schedule and got ready for apply for college. 

Nights and weekends were spent with working on both my fine art portfolio as well as my fashion design portfolio. I didn't drink, i didn't really party, i just worked on getting into college, being better at design, and working on getting ahead at the life i wanted.

do i sound lame? i don't really care. i went after it then and it formed the type of workaholic i am now, and i am proud of that.

look wherever you can to take classes anywhere you can. surrounding yourself with people that are going after the same things as you is so important. i did it then and do it now.

and PS. my first friend at my first fashion design class was lady boss Mariah Coz. i was wearing a LAMB bag & shirt and she was wearing a No Doubt hoodie. It was fate.