how i get and stay motivated while working from home!

seeing my workplace as i lay in my bed is not always the ideal situation. seeing my bed from my workplace isn’t either. keeping your workplace separate definitely has its perks, but if working from home is what you're doing right now, sometimes you have to motivate yourself. I need to write notes. to do lists, notes, whiteboards, notebooks, anything that can surround me and let me know about all of my various projects. keeping them visible to you all day long is crucial. i need to remind myself of my tasks and almost overwhelm myself so that i am able to cross things out on my list and feel just as productive by the end of the day. write out tomorrow’s check list at the end of the work day so that you are able to sit down for the day with a fresh set of to-do’s. if you feel like you just aren’t enough, if being alone and not having someone watch you work is not enough motivation then i like to put on a podcast, webinar or other stimuli that features someone doing or speaking about doing the same things that i do. Small business owners that seem to be working harder than you are such an inspiration. Surrounding yourself with successful people that have a better business, better income or anything that you strive to have is motivation to work harder, to work an extra hour or click out of Facebook. 

if you're a multi tasker, video or phone chats could be the way to go. it might seem like you have a coworker so you might work harder thinking someone is watching and looking to model their work ethic after yours. Do you have a friend that also works from home? get on video chat and let it play in the background so that you can both feel like you have a coworker or to share some silly thing you found on the internet with!

something i find that helps incredibly well is eating healthy during the day. if i have an unhealthy breakfast or lunch, it throws my whole day off. pay attention to how what you eat and drink makes you feel. its incredible what a difference that can make for your mood and therefore productivity. 

if all else fails, pack up your laptop and go to the local coffeeshop, cause that’s what everyone else is doing. good luck!