How to Self Promote IRL Without Being Annoying

whenever i’m going anywhere, even somewhere fancy and I'm only packing a clutch, i keep business cards on me. phone, id, lipstick, credit card, keys, business cards. check check, check check check.

i get myself looking “on brand” and walk out the door. if anyone compliments your look or something that you are wearing, ask them about themselves and what they do and ask them for a card. asking them for a card means that you are interested in what they do (it’s also a great way to get a cute boy’s phone number without having to awkwardly ask for it). when they start to fish through their bag for their card, go for yours and make the exchange. it never has to be an awkward situation. play it cool, give them a brief elevator pitch about what you do: 

when people ask me what i do i always respond with the same answer. i’m a fashion designer. i make super fun, flirty, retro, rock and roll pieces. i work with a lot of musicians, it’s fun. (they’ll usually interject and then you can let them know that “this is one of my skirts, see it’s reversible!” wham bam. being a walking advertisement for yourself is so important if your clothes are wearable in your day to day life. when i begin explaining my work to other people they understand because the aesthetic of my business is the same aesthetic in which i am dressed and put together. it is not essential that this is how you live your life, but being able to do that has absolutely proven key in my own self promotion. being able to casually make those pitches and start a conversation with anyone is key in life and an absolute necessity in owning your own business, even though Sofia Amoruso will tell you differently. 

having a business card that leaves an impression, or leaving them with anything that leaves an impression is so important. people are handed things every single day, especially if they're at a party. the next day they'll open their wallet and a bunch of things will come falling out. you need yours to make an impression and remind them of you. be cute and clever and not too needy you got it. 

the first round of my newest confetti filled business cards!

the first round of my newest confetti filled business cards!

the internet is an important key in business in 2016, but still just as important is face to face human interaction. it is a skill that is getting lost in the world that we live in, maybe i'm old fashioned, but being able to hold a conversation and enjoy a person's company is a great skill to have ;)