on goal making & never actually getting there

when you are an entrepreneur, you never seem to actually reach your goals. I mean that in the best possible way, we are over achievers of the highest level and any and everything that we want is never going to be good enough, even when its bigger and better than you thought it could be. 

when i reached a huge goal of mine, having my clothes worn on stage at the Grammys, i remember people asking me "oh my gosh are you so excited? are you celebrating?" and while, yes, i was drinking champagne, i was already thinking about what needed to happen next in order to take full advantage of this huge moment while also setting forth new goals. This is the vicious cycle of the life we live. it is a mindset and a lifestyle full of thinking of the next thing and trying to capitalize on the moment that we are currently living in. 

Making goals is essential to whatever you want to achieve in life. writing down your lists of long and short term goals, things you want to get done today and tomorrow and this week and this year and in this career.... it is all crucial to starting a business. 

Press is great, and validating to your career, but it is not everything. having a great press hit makes a business a little more legitimate and exposes you to a lot more eyeballs, but press does not always translate into dollars. sometimes, but not always. I've had some press hits that have brought in more clients than i could have ever dreamed, and others that have translated to a couple of facebook likes and a few emails. you never know what anything is going to get you, but thats why goals are important. you have nothing to lose by going after these and who knows, the right goal might just change your entire business and life!