Why I Created a Course to Enhance, Not Change, My Business!

for years i would get emails asking me the same questions over and over again:

  • how do you do what you do?
  • how did you dress katy perry?
  • how did you grow your business?
  • How did you get that magazine/tv feature?
  • you're so young, how did you figure it out?
Alexander August Photography

Alexander August Photography

i did not even know that E-Courses and online learning platforms were a thing. I reconnected with a friend of mine from back in Massachusetts and internet boss babe, Mariah Coz, and she opened my eyes to the possibility of me having my own online learning platform, a course thatteaches people how to do what i do. I learned all about how her business teaches thousands of students around the world how to do what she does and how profitable her life is. I have always been interested in teaching and inspiring students but never wanted to have to give up my business in order to do so. I saw so many professors of mine teach classes part time and have their own small business the other half of the time. I knew i never wanted a business like that.

I wanted a full time booming business, but still wanted to educate people at the same time. how would i manage all of that by myself? 

enter: the internet. after mariah explained how her life worked and introduced me to a corner of the internet i never knew existed, i was hooked. i wanted in. i wanted to be a part of this world. I realized then that if i created my own online class once, it could sustain itself once and my students could learn from me on their schedule, whenever they wanted to. I never needed to answer all of those emails about how my life works again, the course would do that for me. 

Mariah introduced me to her course, Launch Your Signature Course, which outlined EXACTLY what i needed to do in order to create a specialty course for my audience and off I went. I could not have done it without this course. It was a perfect step by step guide for me, a fashion designer, looking to make another income without starting an entirely new business. 

Mariah & I jumped on Periscope recently and shared our insight into the course world and how I used LYSC to create my own course for my own niche. Enter your email below to watch the live stream.

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Enter your email above or below to watch our full, super informative live stream. 

When i think about the last 8 years of my life, from the moment that Katy Perry published the first blog that introduced the public to me, i think about how i now pick my orders up from my factory and drop orders off at stores and see people online wearing my clothes and how that feels like something that i thought would never happen 8 years ago. the 7 years in between was not easy, there was a lot to figure out in order to get one sewn design from each idea off of the rack on in my apartment, sized, produced, tagged and put on racks in stores.

The course that i have come up with, So You Wanna Be A Fashion Designer, answers all of the questions of the 6 years of my life where i was struggling to put together a business with products and customers. I said i was a business owner and felt like one when i was working with celebrities and magazines, but at the same time, i was working a lot of smaller jobs while trying to keep my dreams alive. It wasn't until i began putting money into my work and getting items produced that were able to actually sell that i started to feel like a real, proud, business owner. i was able to see my clothing in stores and have people try on multiple sizes and that was something to be proud of. i had people telling me that my business was inspiring and they wanted to know how i did it. i now have a place to refer them to, my course website, so that they are now able to learn just how i did it better than i could explain. 

I have no desire to change the path of where i see my fashion design company going, but with this course, it allows me to have a multiple income stream that does not need to be maintained and thrives on its own. this does not require a huge overhead or physical products that need to be purchased and is a point of my business that can validate and open up many other aspects of my brand.