pricing can be tricky. in the beginning i was psyched that anyone would want to pay me for my creations. my most popular custom piece of my career was the piece i made the least amount of money on, it was also one of the first. now that i've been charging for my clothing for almost a decade, i feel like i've gotten to a point where i understand the market and the girls that i'm dressing. 

a lot of people have no idea how to put a price tag on their art or their designs. its a super tricky thing to put a price on a thought you had that you turned into a reality.

how much did your materials cost you? how much did it actually cost YOU to make the dress? not the cost of your crying and your stress. the actual cost of materials, let's start there. don't forget things like thread, buttons, zippers, tags, etc. creating a product is pricy. 

did you pay someone to make your garment? your pattern? how much did you pay them?

now before we clock in things like, time, overhead, markup, etc. lets think about your customer. 

is this a custom piece or a part of your line? right there you know youre going to have a huge difference in price. if someone else can get the exact same piece from your line, you cannot charge as much as you can for a custom piece that nobody else in the world will have. you can triple that price to start and then factor in your time to either produce or manufacture that piece. knowing your costing formula is important to understanding your customers. grab your worksheet below so youll have an idea of where to start!